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There are over 100 green roofs currently installed throughout the District of Columbia, with an additional 25 under construction and a whole host of new ones in the conceptual or planning stage. These green roof installations span the commercial and residential spectrum. They are almost equally divided in both numbers and square feet of coverage between new construction and retrofit projects. The District is approaching 1 million square feet of installed green roofs. All Tours will be held on April 12, 2011 and require pre-registration here.

Morning Walking Tour  - The Commercial Mixed-Use Corridor

We will start at the World Wildlife Fund’s newly installed 23,000 square foot green roof. At our second stop, we will look at a LEED platinum building completed in 2009 that kept the shell of the former building. Further along, we will view one of the District’s earliest adopters, the Human Right’s Building, on the way to the first condominium retrofit at 1 Scott Circle NW. We will end our tour at 1425 K Street NW around 12:30 pm. This is the site of the District’s first commercial retrofit completed in 2004. Hear about the partners that made this roof possible.


Afternoon Tour # 1 -College Campus Opportunities: American University


This 3.5 hour tour will take place largely at American University, where sustainability is the lens through which all capitol projects are viewed. Metro Center station is the start and finish point for this tour which will start at 1:00 pm and end around 4:30 pm. Taking a leading position on green roofs American University has constructed seven green roofs in the past three years that demonstrate both new construction and retrofits. Additionally, an innovative foam based growing media is used on one site. The green roof locations also cover a spectrum of possible locations including at grade site’s over parking structures, terraces and traditional building rooftops. Come visit American University to look at these examples of green roofs, hear about their green roof experiences, the campus sustainability initiatives and their efforts to share with other Universities

Afternoon Tour #2 - ASLA Headquarters and Surrounding Sites

On this 3.5 hour tour you will see a mix of District green roof installations in the Downtown, Chinatown and Union Station neighborhoods. Metro Center station is the start and finish point for this tour which will start at 1:00 pm and end around 4:30 pm.  Our initial visit will be to the District’s first LEED Gold office building with 25,000 square feet of an extensive built-in place system. The green roof is in its fifth year and was grown out from plugs. From there we will walk to the award winning American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) headquarters with a trellis system that creates an immersive feel of walking in a valley between mounded hills. The ASLA site will provide a formal presentation on their design and construction experience as well as data gathered from several years of on-site monitoring. A short metro ride away, we will visit our last site on this tour at the American Psychology Association’s Building. This demonstration project was completed in 2006. It uses a green grid system designed for remodeling and conversion projects and encourages visitors to consider the meditative side of green roofs by with an accompanying labyrinth. Green_Roof_Tours_April_12_2011-3











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